There's A New Hair Master In Town!

I have been waiting for a whole week to share this with you all! A week may not be long to some people, but for me it's like a year when I'm excited, ha! A little while ago I was fortunate enough to be offered a hair cut by a crazy talented guy. Originally from Vancouver, Mark McLeod has been a super successful master stylist, manager and educator at the Arrojo Studio in SoHo, New York for the past seven years. That's right, the Arrojo studio. For those of us who are not well versed in the beauty industry, you will know Nick Arrojo from the TV show What Not To Wear (which had to be one of my favorite shows in high school). Needless to say, Mark is one of the top people in his industry, and his skills definitely showed through in my appointment! 

Mark was an incredibly professional, fun guy to work with. He did things to my hair that I did not even know were possible. You know that awkward weight that can sometimes happen in sections of your locks? Where it just doesn't quite fit? Well, that's gone now! Since last week, my hair has just worked, and it takes so much less time to style. I'm beyond grateful for his services and for the fact that he is a hair genius! Plus, it was awesome timing because I got my new 'do right before Vancouver Fashion Week began, so I was feeling extra good! A good hair cut really can make the difference, can't it?

Now here's the good news for all of us! Mark has recently relocated to my lovely city, and will be making trips back to NYC every couple of months to work with his loyal (read: obsessed) clients there. That means that us Vancouverites are in luck! He has set up shop in the Sinclair Center Downtown at Kore Salon and he is open for business! 

Mark was also awesome enough to offer you guys some special deals.

 1.  "Friends" Rewards:  through October 31, you can bring a friend who has never been to Kore studio before and get two cuts with Mark only for the price of one ($108 value).

2.  The Pre-Booking Discount:  Think ahead and save earned cash:  Pre-book, on the day of your service, your next appointment for within six weeks and receive 10% discount when you return.

So if you are living in Vancouver, or are planning a visit in the near future, I would highly suggest giving the Kore Salon a call and booking an appointment! I definitely recommend Mark and his skills. You and your hair can thank me later :)

Tea Party // 14

First of all, I feel like I should tell you all that our tea parties are for sure one of my favorite posts to write. Each week I look forward to our talks, and spend much of my allotted daydreaming time on brainstorming questions that I think we'd have fun chatting about! I really hope that you all enjoy participating in the parties as much as I do! Therefore, without further ado, here are this week's questions! 

1/ As always, what are you ordering for our get-together?
2/ Have you ever seen Downton Abbey? The photo I chose for this week's party reminds me of a modern day version of a scene from the show! If you watch it, who is your favorite character?
3/ What is one item on Etsy that you are dying to hit order on? What do you love about the item? If you aren't as obsessed with the site as I am, then feel free to leave a link to a wishlist item from another site!
4/ What is the last book that you read? What was special about it? Would you recommend it to the rest of us?
5/ When you have a day off, what is your relaxation method of choice? Please give me pointers because today is my first day with no scheduled events in about 3 weeks, so I'd love to get some fresh ideas of how I should rest and recharge!!

Here are my answers!

1/ It's getting chilly around here, so I'm ordering a cup of creamy earl grey tea, with milk and sugar. My favorite brand of tea these days is David's Tea because they have a crazy assortment of delicious flavours, and gorgeous packaging to boot!
2/ I sure have! A women obsessed I am, hence the decision to feature this image :) My favorite character is Lady Mary, but her grand mother has made my day with her witty one liners more than a few times. 
3/ Everything in this shop is amazing, but this vintage milk can is especially lovely, and would be perfect on my counter, or coffee table! Anything old and charming is right up my alley.
4/ I currently have 3 books on the go. This one, this one and this one. I'm loving all 3 because they focus on embracing your dreams and really going after what you want! A good message any day, I'd say.
5/ I'm planning a day of laundry, groceries, homework and other work catch up, and perhaps a run! But I'd love ideas for how to un-wind tomorrow! I plan to use it to my full advantage :)

I can't wait to read your answers! Don't forget to invite your friends! 

My Style // Easy Does It

This past week was a whirlwind to say the least. A wonderful, inspiring, invigorating whirlwind. I hired and trained a new team of awesome people at work, attended 3 nights of Vancouver Fashion Week, and racked up a whole lot of blog ideas. Needless to say, all of this fun left me pretty drained by yesterday afternoon and I happily took a couple of hours to lie in bed, watch a documentary, and eat soup! Now I'm ready to face Monday with a fresh spirit. 

This is one of the outfits that I wore last week for the VFW shows! The maroon corduroy skirt was exactly what I wanted to be wearing, since it felt a little unique and fun, but still polished. Plus, the pockets were great for storing my iPhone while I took a bazillion pictures of the gorgeous looks! The blouse is my new favorite piece, and also works really well with brightly coloured jeans. I love it because from a distance it looks feminine and classic, but up close you'll notice that the pattern is tons of teensy little stars! :) 

I seriously have so much fun content to share with you this week, so get excited! One of my goals for October is to carve out time in my schedule for more photo shoots and features on the blog, so keep an eye out for that! On that note, is there anything that you would be interested in seeing here? I really want to make sure that you're all getting what you want, so let me know! 

Happy Monday!

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