Ingredients For (Apartment) Style.

About 3 weeks ago (can't believe it's that long already!) I moved into a new apartment and have been loving the process of slowing decorating it. Although there are still some corners that look a little sad and empty, I don't really want to rush the process. Rather, I have been hunting for my very favorite pieces - items that I will have and love for years. I'm still working on coming up with a solid organization system for my tiny cozy kitchen and I'm sure I'll have some insights to share soon for any other small apartment dwellers! I'm beyond in love with my new couch, and can't wait to get a graphic, printed rug to go with it! The rest of the process has included lots of white, with fun splashes of color. I've also got some DIY projects for the apartment in the works, so those will be coming at you soon as well!

Do you love the process of decorating as much as I do? What are your favorite sources for furniture and quirky little extras? I'm planning to hit up a couple thrift stores this week for some unexpected pieces!


  1. It looks great!! At first glance I thought you'd posted some style inspiration pics from an interior decorator.
    I never thought I'd be a fan of white walls and light floors but I can't help by notice lately how much they freshen up a space.
    It looks very homely, Kendra. Kudos.

  2. Definitely Love the decorating but the moving part sucks! hate that packing and etc. Stressful.....LOVE these inspiration photos! Good luck!!!

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  3. I never used to like white walls either but lately they're my favorite!

  4. thanks! I totally agree, moving can be such a drag! but settling into the new place is always so lovely :)

  5. agh, I'm dreaming of a home like this someday. You picked the p e r f e c t photos!