Tea Party // 14

First of all, I feel like I should tell you all that our tea parties are for sure one of my favorite posts to write. Each week I look forward to our talks, and spend much of my allotted daydreaming time on brainstorming questions that I think we'd have fun chatting about! I really hope that you all enjoy participating in the parties as much as I do! Therefore, without further ado, here are this week's questions! 

1/ As always, what are you ordering for our get-together?
2/ Have you ever seen Downton Abbey? The photo I chose for this week's party reminds me of a modern day version of a scene from the show! If you watch it, who is your favorite character?
3/ What is one item on Etsy that you are dying to hit order on? What do you love about the item? If you aren't as obsessed with the site as I am, then feel free to leave a link to a wishlist item from another site!
4/ What is the last book that you read? What was special about it? Would you recommend it to the rest of us?
5/ When you have a day off, what is your relaxation method of choice? Please give me pointers because today is my first day with no scheduled events in about 3 weeks, so I'd love to get some fresh ideas of how I should rest and recharge!!

Here are my answers!

1/ It's getting chilly around here, so I'm ordering a cup of creamy earl grey tea, with milk and sugar. My favorite brand of tea these days is David's Tea because they have a crazy assortment of delicious flavours, and gorgeous packaging to boot!
2/ I sure have! A women obsessed I am, hence the decision to feature this image :) My favorite character is Lady Mary, but her grand mother has made my day with her witty one liners more than a few times. 
3/ Everything in this shop is amazing, but this vintage milk can is especially lovely, and would be perfect on my counter, or coffee table! Anything old and charming is right up my alley.
4/ I currently have 3 books on the go. This one, this one and this one. I'm loving all 3 because they focus on embracing your dreams and really going after what you want! A good message any day, I'd say.
5/ I'm planning a day of laundry, groceries, homework and other work catch up, and perhaps a run! But I'd love ideas for how to un-wind tomorrow! I plan to use it to my full advantage :)

I can't wait to read your answers! Don't forget to invite your friends! 


  1. Hi Kendra!

    1/ I'm ordering Soy Pumpkin Spiced latte as Starbucks have just started doing them in the UK for the first time!2/ I don't watch Downton Abbey - not sure it is my cup of tea!3/ I really want to order a huge handmade quilt with complex techniques because I know it is something I'd never be able to achieve and there are some fantastic ones on Etsy.4/ I'm currently reading Pinfluence. it's about how to market your business with Pinterest. Pretty interesting so far!5/ On a day off I usually take a walk to the shops/market and catch up on my housework. A long bath usually helps me relax, usually with a lavender bath bomb and camomile tea brought to me by my boyfriend :-)

    Enjoy your relaxation time!

  2. 1/ Today seems like the perfect day for a warm peppermint mocha! 2/ Girl, I been watchin' Downton Abbey since the first night it played on PBS a few years ago. I went after season 2 in the US before anyone had even heard of it yet. My fav character? Mary, for sure. 3/ Of course Etsy is my dream site. Hold on while I go through over 45 pages of favorites... I want this amazing mustard cowl, http://www.etsy.com/listing/87670753/chunky-cowl-in-mustard?ref=usr_faveitems 4/ The last book I read and finished would be... Blue Like Jazz. I would def recommend it! 5/ Yesterday even though I worked, I spent most of the evening watching re-runs of The Office, sporadically doing chores such as taking the trash out and doing the dishes, and then painting my nails. It was so lovely!

    Happy Tea Party!

  3. 1.) i'm ordering a cinnamon dolce latte :)
    2.) I LOVE Downton Abbey!! I cannot wait for it to come back on!!
    3.) I'm pretty much obsessed with anything by Oia Jules! Her jewelry is AMAZING.. I have 3 things from her shop in my cart. Obsessed with Etsy!
    4.)  I'm currently reading the last book of the Hunger Games (I jumped on that band wagon a little late haha) I'm also about to read Gone Girl. Those picks look good! I want to read that blogging book!
    5.) I usually love to sleep in, make a yummy breakfast, get some laundry done, bake something delish and do some online shopping haha always a stress relief! seriously who doesn't love getting things in the mail?

    Love these!


  4. That sounds like an amazing day off! And that book sounds like such an interesting read! 

  5. I love that scarf!! It would be so cozy when the temps drop! You must be super excited for season 3 then too!

  6. The fabric in the photo is lovely by the way!

    1. Teapigs peppermint tea. I had my last one yesterday, which claireabellemakes sent me.
    2. LOVE Downton. My boyfriend has worked out a way we can watch the new series from Canada. My favourite character is a new character to series 3, Martha, played by Shirley MacLaine is Lady Grantham's mother. She brings a whole heap of American liberalism to Downtown that the more traditional characters find hard to deal with. I wont say anymore as I know it hasn't aired here yet.
    3. I'm in need of a new notebook after filling my current one with Vancouver Fashion Week Notes. I love this Alice in Wonderland inspired journal from Etsy http://www.etsy.com/listing/72010683/tea-party-from-alice-in-wonderland?ref=sr_gallery_14&ga_search_query=notebook&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_ship_to=ZZ&ga_min=0&ga_max=0&ga_search_type=all&ga_facet=notebook (sorry for the super long link)
    4. I currently have my head stuck in the Great Gatsby. Having never studied this novel, I thought I better had now seeing the remake of the film is due to be released this year.
    5. Today is my day of zero deadlines. I've restocked the fridge, caught up on blogs, been for a run, emailed home and drank copious amounts of tea. If I had all the ingredients and tools then I think I'd bake, having been inspired these past few weeks by The Great British Bake Off.

    Enjoy your day off!

    p.s. I have a Smashbox goodie bag for you from VFW.

  7. Your warm peppermint mocha sounds very tempting! I feel like I need to try this! x

  8. I will bring teapigs supplies! We must find good tea in Vancouver ;-)

  9. 1. pumpkin chai tea latte. need some more pumpkin in my life, now that it's officially fall.
    2. downton is amazing!!!! the dowager countess of grantham is my fave. maggie smith is perfect for that role. oh, and i also love matthew. :)
    3. i really like etsy, but i haven't found anything that i'm dying to have...yet. i'm really eyeing some rainboots, like these http://www.madewell.com/madewell_category/SHOESANDBOOTS/weatherboots/PRDOVR~17058/17058.jsp.
    4. the last book i read was perfect timing by jill mansell. it was okay. (if you have goodreads you should be my friend! http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/2652853-danica)
    5. i'm really great at doing a lot of nothing. haha. for a day off with no plans, i sleep in and then watch tv shows on netflix. preferably something funny, like how i met your mother or parks and rec.

    have a great relaxing day!

  10. That sounds like an AMAZING day off! I really need to get back into running. And I do believe I'm going on a hunt for a way to watch the new season now haha. You can give it to me when we hang out, which should be soon! :)

  11. Have either of you ladies tried David's Tea? I'm not sure if it's up to British standards but I love it! :)

  12. I'm so glad we all love Downtown, haha! And those rain boots are amazing!!

  13. Is it a shop?...It's font is a green colour? If so, I went to one in Toronto and had a delicious berry concoction but I haven't seen one since being in Vancouver

  14. The background is a turquoise and the font is white (here is the site http://www.davidstea.com/) and there are a couple here I think! One in Kits area, and one in Burnaby that I know of at least!

  15. Yes that's the one!!! I loved this place, the ladies in there were so friendly too. 
    Claire I will add this to the Christmas to-do list.

  16. 1/ A tall glass of orange juice, gotta keep up with my vitamin C with cold season coming.
    2/ I haven't. It's on Netflix and I have it on my list of things to watch. Right now I'm too busy catching up on Big Bang Theory and Doctor Who.
    3/ Tying into my previous answer, these shoes: http://media-cache-ec5.pinterest.com/upload/2533343511536637_77bX6EdI_c.jpg
    Doctor Who and Converse, a match made in Etsy heaven.
    4/ I'm in the middle of reading The Hobbit in anticipation of the film release this December. I loved Lord of the Rings so it only made sense to read The Hobbit.
    5/ I sleep in on my days off. I don't set my alarm and I just let myself sleep until I wake up. It's a small thing but I enjoy it.

  17. I quite enjoyed this charming post of yours, and that vintage milk can is just darling. :)