Tea Party // 12

First of all, happy Tuesday friends! Yesterday was one of those Mondays that really felt like a Monday. Does that make sense? :) My schedule just doesn't seem to want to slow down, but thankfully I can see the light at the end of this tunnel because my mom is coming to stay at my new place this weekend! We are going to do some shopping for Vancouver Fashion Week and hopefully pick up an area rug for my living room - my tootsies are getting a little chilly with the cooler weather! Today I'm running some interviews for a team I'm hiring at work, so it's sure to be another jam packed day. Naturally I'm thrilled to have the tea party to drop in and out of throughout the day! On that note, here are this week's questions. 

1/ As always, what are you requesting from the barista on this fine Tuesday?
2/ If you could have a free day off to do anything, who would you spend it with and what would you do?
3/ First of all, what field do you work in (or hope to work in)? Who is one person within your industry that you would love to collaborate with one day? Dream big!
4/ Tell us about a big goal that you have right now. Don't be shy - we're all friends here! :)
5/ What is the last movie you watched? Would you recommend it to us?

My answers:

1/ When I'm feeling overwhelmed, a simple cup of tea always does the trick. Today is one of those days, so I'll be ordering a cup of earl grey with soy milk and way too much sugar. 
2/ I've been working a lot lately, so I'd probably spend it with my boyfriend. A yoga class to start the day off, then lunch downtown and a movie night at home to cap it off. Those days always re-charge me.
3/ Graphic design is what I'm planning to do after I finish up my degree, and I really want to work as a freelance designer. One person who has really inspired my journey thus far has been Bri Emery, of DesignLoveFest. If you haven't heard of her crazy rad work then you must check out her blog. She would definitely be my dream collaboration!
4/ Lately I've been on a self-improvement kick, ha! I'm a naturally upbeat person, but like many people, I struggle with keeping focused on my intentions during the stressful day to days. I'm currently reading The Art of Non-Conformity and it has really been pushing me to set goals and aim my efforts in a direction that will take me towards that goal. The author talks about taking your dreams seriously, which I love. One rather small thing I'm doing to work towards a big goal is that I'm saving up my monies for the new version of the Adobe Creative Suite. I know that it will benefit my design work, and will bring me closer to my broader goal of working full-time in the graphic design field after graduation. 
5/ The other night I watched The 5 Year Engagement and although I'd seen it before I still loved it the second time. It's such a hilarious movie, and the leads are perfect. Emily Blunt and Jason Segel have tons of chemistry, and I really just couldn't stop laughing the whole time. Plus, it's by the same guys as Bridesmaids, which has to be one of the most ridiculously funny movies ever. So yes, I'd recommend it!

I can't wait to hear your answers! And I've got some fun news for you - if you look over at the bottom of the left sidebar, you'll see a brand new button for our tea parties! The code is below the button, so if you want to show your love for our weekly get-togethers, and perhaps get some of your readers in on the fun, then by all means, do so! The more the merrier! 


  1. Yay! Happy Tea Party day!

    1/ I've been drinking tea like a British lady lately, especially since fall is coming. So, I get my black English breakfast, add some milk and sugar, and voila! Yum.

    2/ I would spend my day off with my dear friend Lauren who lives way NE from me in Canada and just sip on tea, scrapbook, and chat forever. I miss my best friend.

    3/ I HOPE to be a published fiction writer, and I would love to write with... Lauren Dubinsky.

    4/ I'll share a DREAM I hope to reach someday soon first: road trip from So Cal to western PA before my parents leave for China and a GOAL: to write and publish a fictional novel with spiritual elements.

    5/ Ew last night Dan and I rented The Grey and it SUCKED. It's with Liam Neeson and there was no moral or lesson or ANYTHING and SO much swearing. EW. Hated it. Don't watch it.

    But YAY Happy Tuesday! xoxo


  2. We are definitely kindred spirits! I'm really just an old English lady at heart, and would love to spend an afternoon drinking tea with you! haha

  3. 1. today i want to order a vanilla cinnamon steamer.
    2. i'd want to go on a little road trip. to the beach, wine country, or anywhere for that matter, with one of my friends. :)
    3. i got a degree in business, majoring in marketing and management. i'm still a little fuzzy on what i would really like to be doing. it ranges from pr, marketing, event planning and a few other things on a daily basis. it has given me no end of annoyances that i have absolutely no idea. 
    4. a big goal of mine is to visit all 50 states (plus territories). it's definitely going to take awhile!
    5. i watched friends with benefits last week, again. i think it's pretty hilarious and pokes fun at romantic comedies. (but let's face it, romantic comedies are still my fave even if they sometimes are ridiculous.)

    good luck with every goal you have! sometimes i wish i had majored in graphic design. :)

  4. 1. Tall whole milk latte from the cutest coffee shop around the corner
    2. My new hubby! I'd love to go to a park and picnic and read a book.... But we would most likely end up on the couch cuddling and watching Friends :)
    3. I'm a Pilates instructor and right now I am working with my Mom to build new business for our studio!
    4. My big goal is to find a balanced schedule to live by throughout the rest of the year... I know that may seem simple, but I'm the type of person who likes to stay up way past my bedtime (very bad! You do not want to see me in the morning!) and it's taken me over a month to set this goal!
    5. I can't think of anything except for Friends haha... I'm a nerd!

  5. 1. I would like a giant Passion Iced Tea please!
    2. I would spend it with my best friend going shopping and hanging out at outdoor cafes!
    3. I would LOVE to someday work at Kate Spade. I'm in love with the brand!
    4. I'm applying for a $3000 grant to do a research project in London for next semester! If I can get that I'll be the happiest person alive!
    5. I re-watched Easy A last weekend and it was so good. Emma Stone is hilarious!

  6. I totally understand! It can be so hard to decide between all of the options! I love Friends With Benefits, I thought it was super funny :)

  7. Friends is a classic! haha I watch it ALL the time. That's so awesome that you've got your own business! 

  8. Wow! That's amazing! You'll have to let me know when you find out about the grant! Kate Spade would be a crazy cool place to work :)

  9. Your blog is sooo cute and well writte! I need to be more like you....witty :0 I lack in tht department. LOVe this post. I will answer one question.....my dream is to be in the fashion industry as that was my long time goal even as a child. dressing up and seeing my mothers always decked to the nines was an everyday thing in my household.

    Great post!

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